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DC1400 Camera

• 3.0" LCD Display
14.0 Megapixels
• HD video mode
• Zero shutter delay
• 25x total zoom
• Rated to 200 feet

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Spare Air
3.0 Cubic Foot Pack

Free Refill Adapter
Free Safety Leash
Free Deluxe Holster
• The answer for out-  of-air emergencies
• Great for traveling

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Flag and Float

• Excellent stability in   rough water
• Be seen by boats
• Easy to inflate
• 12" x 15" flag
• “Diver Below” float

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  • Scuba Bags - There are different types of scuba diving bags for different applications
  • Scuba Diving Books Videos and CDs - This category has lot of knowledge material for recreational and technical divers
    • Scuba Instruction Materials - This category is a well of knowledge for recreational and technical divers of all experience ranges wishing to move on to the next level of skills and certification.
    • Specialty Instruction Materials - This category is a well of knowledge for divers who are moving in new and exciting levels of specialty skills and certification level.
    • Professional Instruction Materials - This category is a well of knowledge for advanced divers who are rescue qualified and are looking to move on to the professional level of skills and certification.
    • Scuba Diving Travel Books - The books and resources in this category provide a wealth of information on destinations and wild-life.
    • Videos/Cd-roms - This category is loaded with all video and CD-rom support materials for training and entertainment.
    • Instruction Online - If you don't feel like sitting in the classroom and being on someone else's schedule then try the PADI open water e-learning course.
  • Dive Boots - There are different diving boots different water conditions
  • Buoyancy Compensators (BCs) - There are many styles and types of BC's
    • Jacket/Vest Style BC - Jacket/Vest style BC's are the most common among recreational divers and are the most often used for training new divers.
    • Back Inflation BC - This style is very commonly used by divers that wish to streamline the front of the BC. The air-cell is situated behind the diver, freeing up the front for ease of movement.
    • BC For Women - BC's that are made specifically for women have three features that distinguish them from unisex or men's BC's.
    • BC Accessories - This is a wide category that encompasses all types of BC's Here.
    • Technical BC - These BC's are built for long dives and long wear.
  • Dive Cameras - There are different types of Dive Cameras for underwater photography
  • Scuba Clips and Reels
    • Scuba Dive Clips - Using clips have a number of advantages to diving.
    • Scuba Dive Retractors - Retractors are similar to clips and are great for keeping your gauges close, easily accessible, and streamlined.
    • Scuba Dive Reels - Dive reels provide divers the ability to keep their sense of direction while diving.
  • Scuba Closeouts
  • Scuba Clothing
  • Scuba Communication
  • Scuba Diving Compressors - We carry top of the line Max-Air compressors for everything you need
  • Dive Computers - Dive computers offer the diver a safer and much more convenient way of monitoring decompression limits.
  • Dive Skins
  • Scuba Diving Dry Boxes
  • Scuba DrySuits
  • Scuba Fins - Scuba diving fins are simply extensions of your feet.
  • Diving Gauges
  • Scuba Gift Certificate
  • Scuba Gift Items
  • Dive / Surf / Swim Gloves
  • Wetsuit Hoods
    • Dive Hood - Dive hoods are designed for warmth and comfort while submerged.
    • Surf / Swim Hood - These hoods are designed for maximum warmth and flexibility for dynamic freedom of movement at the surface.
  • Diving Hookah Systems
  • Hookah Accessories
  • Scuba Instruction Online
  • Scuba Kids Dive Gear - To ensure that your children return to the sea time and again with the same wide eyed wonderment and confidence, they need to feel comfortable in its midst.
  • Dive Knives - Dive knives are offered in a variety of materials, sizes and shapes, and when purchasing one it is important to remember that dive knives are tools, not weapons.
  • Scuba Diving Lights - Dive lights come in three main types of light output: Conventional (Xenon or Halogen), HID (High-Intensity Discharge) or LED (Light Emitting Diode).
  • Dive Masks - The following are the four types of masks used by divers:
    • Dive Masks with Optical Lenses - Many snorkeling and diving masks are available with optical lenses and will solve the problem of having to wear contacts or diving without your sight correction.
    • Swimming Goggles - Swim goggles are NOT designed for snorkeling or scuba diving because they do not cover the nose area and have no way of equalizing the air space around the eyes as you descend under the water.
    • Full Face Diving Masks - Full Face Diving Masks cover the diver’s entire face and have some special features.
    • Dive Mask Accessories - Mask accessories include everything a diver needs for their mask.
  • Miscellaneous Scuba Gear
  • Scuba Dive Octos / Spare Air
  • Scuba Diving Regulators - The job of the regulator is to supply air to the diver at ambient pressure.
  • Scuba Safety / First Aid
  • Scuba Diving Scooters
  • Scuba Diving Snorkels - Snorkels allow you to peer beneath the ocean's surface without having to come up to take a breath, saving you time and energy.
  • Diving Spearguns - Spearguns are the most efficient way for gathering fish available to the underwater hunter.
  • Surfing Gear
  • Swimming Gear
  • Scuba Diving Tanks
  • TEK Dive Gear
  • Scuba Travel
  • Used Dive Gear
  • Dive Watches
  • Scuba Weights and Belts
  • Scuba Wet Suits

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